Edition Merion Print

$ 300.00


Rose with Letter by MF Cardamone
This archival reproduction of an original print by MF Cardamone celebrates 75 years of the horticulture education at the Barnes Arboretum.  Rose with Letter was inspired by Laura Barne's love of roses, lilacs, and ferns, Albert Barnes's love of ironwork, and the couple's shared love of education and France.

Printed on 100% heavyweight rag paper
28 1/2 x 21 1/2 in.

About the artist:
After completing the Horticulture Education Program at the Barnes Arboretum in 2005, artist MF Cardamone designed a wildlife habitat garden for species native to Pennsylvania.  While researching and collecting native plants for the garden, she was inspired to create her own herbarium.
Melding the aesthetics of 18th- and 19th-century botanical illustration and specimen-mounting with the imaginative randomness of surrealist collage, Caramone's art playfully interprets the intersection of nature, taxonomy, and popular culture.  She collects plant specimens and combines them with images and words to create visual narratives that reveal the science, history, and beauty of her plant subjects.

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