Art, Education and Afr...

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Art, Education, and African-American Culture: Albert Barnes and the Science of Philanthropy by Mary Ann Meyers

A physician who applied his knowledge of chemistry to the manufacture of a widely used antiseptic, Albert Barnes is best remembered as one of the great American art collectors. The Barnes Foundation, which houses his treasures, is a fabled repository of Impressionist, post-Impressionist, and early modern paintings. Less well known is the fact that Barnes attributed his passion for collecting art to his youthful experience of African-American culture, especially music. Art, Education, and African-American Culture is both a biography of an iconoclastic and innovative figure and a study of the often-conflicted efforts of an emergent liberalism to seek out and showcase African-American contributions to the American aesthetic traditon.

8 1/8 x 5 1/2 x 1 1/4in., 453 pages, Soft-cover.

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